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BioParadise (Cinema Paradise): Hverfisgötu 54, 101 Reykjavík

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BioParadise (Cinema Paradise): Hverfisgötu 54, 101 Reykjavík

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BioParadise (Cinema Paradise): Hverfisgötu 54, 101 Reykjavík

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BioParadise (Cinema Paradise): Hverfisgötu 54, 101 Reykjavík

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Háskóli Íslands. Saymundargata 2, 101 Reykjavík



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BioÍsafjörður Nordurvegur 1, Ísafjörður, Vestur-Isafyardarsisla Ísland


Sauðárkrókur Kroksbio Skagfirdingabroyt 2, Sauðárkrókur, Ísland



2014, Russia, 93 min., drama, color, DCP

Director and screenplay Alexander Kott
Cinematographer Levan Kapanadze
Producers Igor Tolstunov, Sergey Kozlov

It is a story about the first nuclear bomb test conducted in Semipalatinsk in 1949. No one imagined at that time where that would lead: the calculations were rough, and no one really knew anything about the radiation. They tested the bomb and they tested the people. I imagined such a story Thepeopleliveinthesteppe. Anordinarylifestyle. Nothing can change the eternal order. Every day the same, and the people are a part of nature. Theylive, theywork, theyfallinlove. And then one day there is SOMETHING far on the horizon, and in the same time very near. Anuclearexplosionisverybeautiful. Hideously beautiful. A fire monster, growing from under the ground, and drawing the clouds apart Growing slowly and inevitably

I would like to see this explosion with the eyes of my characters and to show it in my film. My characters love passionately, suffer from happiness, endure the death of loved ones but all the human passions are nothing compared to this nuclear explosion.

It is a film without words. Because have you noticed that when somebody is really close to you, you dont need many words to communicate? Youcommunicatewithglances, gestures, actions. Sometimes a quiet communication means much more than empty conversations. I wished the spectators to listen to the sounds of nature the steppe, the wind, the birdsThis film is for those who love looking, for those who remember that the cinema is, before all, an image. And when the cinema was invented, it was without words.

Agirllivesinthesteppewithherfather. Tolgat and Dina. Kaisyn, a local elder, is in love with Dina and wishes to marry her. But suddenly there is a young newcomer named Max who also falls in love with Dina. Her feelings are strange according to the rules, she should be with Kaisyn, but she loves Max. A love triangle emerges, with passions, fights, arguments. But then Tolgat, Dinas father, dies of radiation. And Dina decides to go away from home. Alas, it is too late. The nuclear mushroom already appeared on the horizon

They live in the steppe. A father and a daughter. Nothing may disturb the eternal order. Tomorrow always comes. And every morning the father goes away to work. And she stays alone. To wait for her father. And to feel. Two men are in love with her. She loves everyone. Her love cannot be divided. One day, the decision comes by itself. It comes from where the sun lives.


2013, Russia, 106 min, erotic fairytales, color, DCP
CATEGORIES: Comedy, Erotic Fairytales
PRODUCTION : 29th February Film Company

Best Script Kinotavr 2013
Rome Film Fest (nominated)
The Diploma of the Russian Guild of Film Scholars and Film Critics Kinotavr 2013

Julia Aug, Vasiliy Domrachev, Daria Ekamasova, Olga Dobrina, Yana Troyanova, Olga Degtyarova, Alexandr Ivashkevich, Yana Sexte

Director : Alexey Fedorchenko
Screenplay : Denis Osokin
Cinematographer : Shandor Berkeshy
Producers : Dmitry Vorobyev, Alexey Fedorchenko, Mikhail Shchukin, Leonid Lebedev

This is a film-pattern, a film-calendar. 22 short stories about women of Mari. A kind of Mari Decameron. Aleksey Fedorchenko: Finno-Ugric peoples natives of central Russia. There are now the most churches and monasteries. Meadow Mari one of the largest Finno-Ugric peoples, and the only ones who keep the communal prayer in the groves, naive honoring priests-karts. Their sacred mountain blew, groves were cut down but very quickly the authorities realized that it is dangerous to life Celestial brides and wives of the Meadow Mari are indistinguishable from earthly wives.
Despite how truly off-kilter it is, the movie does benefit from an impressive technical package, including gorgeous landscape imagery by cinematographer Shandor Berkeshi (who shot Ilya Khrzhanovkiys 4, which this movie occasionally recalls), nuanced sound design by Timofei Shestakov (who worked on The Fourth Dimension, which Fedorchenko directed alongsideHarmony Korine) and a score by Andrei Karasyov that provides a few flashes of poetry amid all the outré action. Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter.

2015, Russia, 137 min, adventure drama, color, DCP

Best Artistic Contribution - cinematography World Premieres Festival Philippines 2015

Konstantin Lavronenko, Grigoriy Dobrygin, Kseniya Kutepova, Evgeniy Tsyganov, Egor Beroev, Petr Fedorov

Director : Alexandr MELNIK
Screenplay : Alexandr Melnik
Cinematographer : Igor Grinaykin
Producers : Anton Melnik

An adventure drama about gold prospectors of the middle years of the last century based on Oleg Kuvayevs same-name novel.
The novel was published in 1974 and made the name of Oleg Kuvayev famous in the USSR. Since 1975 the novel has sustained more than 30 editions. It was published abroad as well: in the French, German, Vietnamese, Spanish, Arab, English, Japanese and Polish languages. The book was translated in the republics of the USSR. In Europe the novel was published in 17 publishing houses. The book quickly became a handbook and backpack book as it was often present in the backpacks not only of geologists, who it was written about, but in the backpacks of just young people looking for heroic deeds in the vast expanses of the East of the USSR. Chukotka, a far away land glorified in the novel, became close and favorite for millions of readers.
Your journey will not end on the planet, from which it started on, Oleg Kuvayev
Director and screenwriter, Alexandr Melnik:
It is an adventure film with philosophical charge.
The Territory will be interesting to audiences of all generations. It will allow the young to see the other sides of life, other ways that differ from passive existence in the society of consumption. These ways lead to understanding of human values and make people realize that it is worth living for the sake of great discoveries.

The year of 1960. The Far North-East of the Soviet Union . On the shores of the Arctic Ocean, in the centre of the a vast region which is called the Territoty there is a settlement , inhabited by gold miners. The country needs gold after the war, but only tin is found and mined in the Territory. The order comes from the City administration to stop the geological survey.
But the legendary Buddha, Ilya Chinkov, the master of the Territory, is sure that gold exists here. Chinkov takes on the responsibility to find it within one field season. In order to win he needs people who will believe in the gold of the Territory as as well as he believes himself .


Cast and credits:
Director: Dmitry Meskhiev
Idea and General producer: Igor Ugolnikov
Producer: Fedor Bondarchuk
Screen writer: Ilya Avramenko, Igor Ugolnikov, Eugeny Ayzikovich with participation of Dmitry Meskhiev
Director of Photography: Ilya Averbah
Composer: Yury Poteenko
Maria Aronova, Maria Kozhevnikova, Valeria Shkirando, Marat Basharov

Spring 1917. February revolution has affected mode of life in Russia and changed the course of Great War. Monarch has abdicated. In trenches, were the confrontation lasts for several years, Bolsheviki are very active with their propaganda. They call for making peace with enemy. Russian officers can actually do nothing without approval of so-called Soldiers Committees. The army is just near the stage of complete degradation. By order of Russian Provisional Government, attempting to strengthen the spirit, the female Death Battalion is established. In charge of the Battalion - Cavalier of St. George Maria Bochkareva. With the service, Death Battalion give the lead of courage, fortitude and composure, stiffen the spirit of soldiers and prove, that each of the female hero is worthy of the Warrior of Russian Army Title.

Igor Ugolnikov, Idea and General producer:
A century has passed after World War One. It is said that the war is over when the last solder leaved this life. Therefore, that war is over. However, it is still the awful memory and the precaution to future generations. At the heart of our film, lying the tragic story and the major point is that women and war are incompatible.

Dmitry Meskhiev, Director:
Im grateful to Igor Ugolnikov to have the opportunity to make this film. I had very specific task to manage populous movie. Above twelve heroes, it was permanent handling of crowd scenes. Sometimes, more than 150 people. More than 200 specialists were involved in constructing and decorating of the scenes. Costume design and greasepaint was full of small but important details to be as much authenticable as possible.

Maria Aronova, leading actress as Maria Bochkareva:
Bochkareva is close to me through her power, through her conviction. There was only one goal and one sense in her life.


2015, Russia, 90 minutes, colour, 1:2.35, Dolby Digital 5.1
Director Oleg Asadulin
Scriptwriter Artem Vitkin
DoP Andrei Ivanov
Production Design Olga Tsyba
Music DJ Groove
Editing Yekaterina Pivneva

Cast Andrei Merzlikin, Viktoria Isakova,
Sergei Yushkevich, Vladimir Menshov, Anya Chipovskaya,
Alexander Michkov, Yan Tsapnik, Eugenie Malakhova,
Dmitri Astrakhan, Andrei Leonov, Dmitri Smirnov

Producers Renat Davletyarov, Andrei Alkema,
Grigori Podzemelny, Vitali Maly, Konstantin Vitkin,
Artem Vitkin, Anastasia Belskaya

Production Propeller Production, Revolution Film,
Real-Dakota, Aristocrat

They were young once, they were best friends and love, meeting with his guitar, singing this touching bard song... However, fate was exactly favorable to Vadim Rajewski. He became well-known director, takes grossing films and live the glamorous life - an expensive car, a nice house, the attention of journalists. Success is gaining momentum and the last film by Vadim put forward on "Oscar". Suddenly fate presents a severe blow - Vadim losing a loved one. Not believing what happened in the accident, he is trying to understand the causes and find the culprits. Vadim comes in him investigation and discovers the shocking details

2014, Russia 73 minutes, colour, criminal drama and comedy

Director and Scriptwriter Konstantin Sukharkov
Producers Andrei Novikov, Irina Soina, Natalia Gavrilkova
Cinematographer Stepan Beshkurov
Composer Valery Dadaev

An employee of the insurance company Oleg Kogy along with his wife Olga decide to use his official position and come up with Oleg swindle an insurance policy. They insure the Oleg life of a large amount, simultaneously taking out loans in several banks where Oleg Kogiya known as a representative of the insurance company.
But something went wrong, and each of the participants scam starts to get on the sins and merits...

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